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The Hustle for the Homeless 5K on October 7th was an amazing success! We are grateful for all of the runners that came out to support our cause. We couldn't have done it without support from our sponsors and community. Thank You to Rhinoshield, Burn Bootcamp, Sally's Y, American Converting, Covenant Church, Church at Denver, Denver United Methodist Church, Jackie Waters Realty, Gator Metal Roofing, The United Way, and Hesed House of Hope for your support of Soul to Soul Outreach. We are a truly blessed community because of you!

Photo of co-founder Lynne Hoey loading up trash bags from a tent community. It's difficult for the homeless to dispose of their trash. Just one of the things we find ourselves doing to help the homeless and the surrounding community.

Typical tent sites in the woods. These are people's homes so we announce when we're there before we get too close. We don't want to surprise anyone. We also want to be respectful. As a matter of respect, we don't take many photos and we don't photograph people, unless they want us to.


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