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     "My name I Chloe and I am 25 years old. I had been homeless for at least 8 years.  I grew up in the system and moved place to place feeling unwanted, helpless and invisible. I can remember the first night I became homeless because I aged out of the system. I was scared, not knowing where to go or who I could trust. I have been through a lot of things that weren’t, honestly, my fault. Most people think homeless people choose to be homeless, or that they are just not wanting to get a job, or they are all on drugs. At first, honestly, that was not the case for me. I didn’t choose any of it. I just didn’t have anyone when I aged out of the system.  I started hanging around the wrong people, trusting the wrong people. I ended up on drugs, pregnant, and in a cycle of making bad decisions.

     When I met Lynne and Jen, I was five months pregnant. I had no idea if I was going to be able to get my life together for this baby. Lynne and Jen had a sense of joy and peace in them that I felt. I thought, “I want that!” I was staying at Hesed House of Hope Shelter. I would see them serving food there to us and then again they still kept joy in their hearts to be there helping out. I could tell they were going to become good friends. They always asked me how I was doing and when my next ultrasound was. Before I knew it, we would talk, almost everyday and they would continue to encourage me and help me with things I needed. They have drastically impacted my life for the better!

     I started back my relationship with God. I knew Jen and Lynne had so much love and kindness in their hearts and were so giving that God had blessed them with that. That is what I was thirsting for as well. I had moved in with a friend, at the time, after I had my baby, Cayden. Jen and Lynne had helped me from diapers, wipes, clothes, getting set up with Moms and Munchkins group, etc. Then Jen helped me get my driver’s license. Also, they showed me that God always provides and had surprised me with a car that got passed down to me from another single mom that had been through struggles of life, too. I am blessed to have them in my life. They have helped me in my life.

     They have helped me realize that I’m not invisible, that I am not helpless, that I am wanted, and that I am loved by God! I am so thankful for Lynne and Jen and their ministry. God bless them all and may more people’s lives be touched by them like I have been."

     Hello. My name is Scott. I am a 50 year old man who was homeless for around 3 years. I had a decent life but I started having troubles with drinking that progressively got worse. My drinking got to the point that I could not hold down a job and eventually  brought me to being homeless. I began to rely on on things in life that weren’t good. I became a drug addict, and things went from bad to worse. 

     I was living under a bridge when I first met Lynne and Jen. They would come by every week to see how I was, asking if I was in need of anything. They carried a joyful peace with them that made me want to feel that way too. 

     Before long I looked forward to their visits. I began to feel trust in them and we developed friendships. After awhile, I had to face some legal issues. Lynne and Jen stood by me, getting me into a rehabilitation program. Lynne convinced me to start trusting in God and develop my faith life. After rehab, they helped me enter a great 12 step program through ICGH and a sober living home. 

     During this time I started doing odd jobs and I fell off a roof, tearing my rotator cuff. Lynne and Jen have helped me navigate that situation with rides to doctors, paperwork and finding public aid. I don’t know how I would have made it through without their help. Now , with surgery completed, I’m looking forward to going back to work and striving toward new goals. I am so thankful to Lynne and Jen for their constant encouragement and for helping me find my faith. 

     I look forward to life with  a good job, staying clean from drugs and alcohol. I am grateful to God for having my path cross with Lynne and Jen’s path. 

My name is Angela.

     I met Lynne and Jen almost 3 years ago - way before Soul to Soul Outreach was official. I'm so thankful these ladies have gotten what they've worked so hard for. I was living under a bridge in a tent and one day I saw these lovely ladies behopping down our walkway with smiles in tow. They've been family since.
     I remember one night my friend/neighbor's dog (Karma aka momma dog) got hit by a car and we were worried about how we were going to get her to an emergency vet, and even more, how we were going to pay for it. Lynne was out of town and called Jen. I remember Jen pulling up and she was just so soft spoken and keeping us calm. She went above and beyond what we could ever ask and drove us all the way to Huntersville to an emergency vet and was kind enough to offer for Soul to Soul to help us pay.. She knew our situation and she just wanted to make sure the only thing we needed to worry about was Karma getting better.


     I couldn't ask for a better support team in my life. They have given me great advice and pointed me in the right direction to help me succeed to my full potential. From day one, they have neer made me feel anything but loved and for that I feel grateful. They have always included our 2 kitties, Bella and Peanut, when they brought things for Karma. God answered my prayers for a support system that could change my life with their genuine smiles, hugs and cheers. They will forever be my family. They are currently helping us find housing and helping us do absolutely everything else in between. Thank y'all!
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