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April 2, 2024

So Proud of You!

J made a choice to change his life and reach for new goals! He is doing well in his program. He gave us permission to share his pic so we could brag big and loud 📣 for his hard work and commitment! 

We are proud so proud of you J! You are doing hard things. 💪🏼 Join us in celebrating and praying for J on his long hard journey! 

This is why we do what we do. If Jesus sees him, loves him, and intercedes for him, so will we.

March 2024

Thankful for cooperative work between ministries to meet all needs of individuals. We need each other.

StSO partnered with Helping Hands to have a ramp built for one of our clients, Marvin. 

His wife has gone from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair so this is very helpful for him to get her in and out of their home! We are so thankful for Helping Hands for allowing us to work with them to serve our community!

Things are a little simpler for Marvin and his wife. Quality of life has improved.

Congratulations to one of our original and much loved clients! This coin not only represents 1 year sober but so much more. Perseverance, dedication, and willingness to step out of what became comfortable into new surroundings, new habits, new circles of people. All to make hard but positive changes. This lovable, soft spoken individual has overcome homelessness, unemployment, probation, addiction, health issues and anxiety, while growing in his faith and strengthening family relationships. We will be forever grateful that he allows us to walk his life journey with him. Thank you and congratulations, Scott. We are so proud of your strides and look forward to watching you meet your next set of goals. Much love from the Soul to Soul Outreach team.


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